Riga stag nights

Riga stag parties

TravelSavvy guide to city breaks in Riga

Did you know?

The first recorded Christmas tree was erected in Riga in 1510 and decorated with fruit and sweets

Urinating in the street can cost you a night in the cells and a hefty fine

If arrested, you may be released after your plane has left

Some lap dancing clubs are run by local gangsters

Respect local monuments - if not, you can be in big trouble

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Riga stag nights

Currently dubbed the dog's baltics, Riga has become the city of choice for stag parties.

A buzzing nightlife and attractive women have earned it a reputation as one of the best stag party capitals of the Baltics - or anywhere else.

It now rivals Amsterdam and Bangkok for booze and sex weekends with a smattering of culture for the more sober minded, although there may not be too many of those.

Many Riga-based companies offer Riga stag and hen night deals combining Riga nightlife, karting, skydiving and big gun shooting with special deals for large groups.

Riga stag holiday package tours

Typical package offers from British tour firms include three-day bar crawls and lap dance nights with add-on extras such as karting, quad biking, clubbing, shooting and bobsled runs, off-road forest driving and parachute free fall simulators.

Other attractions for boozed-up boys include strip show banquets or even firing off a few rounds with a Kalashnikov. It's all boozing, bonding and throwing up - what more could a young male ask for?

Riga was a former favourite for Soviet soldiers on a weekend break, so the city has long been geared up for entertaining the troops.

The awesome booze-fuelled nightlife and a reputation for beautiful Latvian women are even more reasons why Riga stag weekends are becoming even more popular with companies providing tailor-made stag break packages to tempt you on a city break you'll remember.

Riga cheap flights

But it was cheap flight airlines that spurred on Riga's reputation as a great stag party destination. The city offers the perfect blend for a bloke's last night of freedom.

Riga is also a big drinking city, with the locals renowned for their liquor quota. Black Balsam is the national tipple - little more than cough medicine laced with spirits, it has the consistency of motor oil. It's also known as the Baltic Belter.

Riga attractions

Top tourist attractions for stag night weekends in Riga include:
VIP clubbing - Special tickets can give you the VIP treatment in clubs that close about 2am.
Strip show meals - Anything from a medieval banquet to a school dinner and stag party dinners usually feature a stripogram. Some offer a stripper with every course.
Casino betting - High rollers can head for the Riga casinos with blackjack, roulette, party poker, craps etc but normal licensing hours apply.
Greyhound racing - A popular diversion.
Lap dancing - Now almost traditional on a stag night. There are plenty in Riga but quality varies. Some clubs are run by local gangsters.
Thrill seeking - 'Show no fear' runs down Latvia's sled track hit speeds of 70mph. There's also jet skiing on rivers and lakes around Riga and high rope swinging in the Gauja National Park
Hangover recovery - Chill out in a spa with steam baths, saunas and heated swimming pools.
Gunplay - Test your firearms skills at shooting ranges with Kalashnikov assault rifles or pump action shotguns.

Riga hooligans

Riga's popularity as a stag party destination has had its problems. As the strip bars and clubs have mushroomed, drunken behaviour has become a major nuisance. Police will arrest hooligans then release them after their plane has left. Nice one.

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