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The area of Latvia totals 64,000sq km with 500km of coastline
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When to go on a Riga city break

Spring is one of the best times to go on a Riga holiday. The city's cultural calendar blossoms along with the weather and April is both warm and packed full of events. Before then the winter thaw brings damp, soggy conditions that tend to keep people indoors.

Summers are relatively short but the days are hot and long, if prone to the odd thunderstorm. Summer highs average 14°C to 22°C. Nights are warm too.

Winter is bleak in the Baltics with a few hours of hazy daylight - temperatures rarely go above 4°C and often drop well below zero.

Riga holiday events

Riga has a packed festival calendar with the season peaking at midsummer. Latvia shares many cultural events with the other Baltic countries but also enjoys one-off and regular cultural events in its own right.

The most notable festivals in Riga are:

Riga Music Festival celebrates traditional music, both Latvian and foreign.

Saxophonia Festival with saxophone players from around the world
Regular organ recitals start in Dome Cathedral.

Bach Chamber Music Festival has concerts throughout the month from the Bach Musical Foundation.
Latvian Contemporary Drama Festival celebrates some of the rising stars in contemporary drama.

International Baltic Ballet Festival has performance over five days.

International Youth Short Film Festival shows work from young gifted directors.

International Contemporary Dance Festival has five exciting days of new performances and dance workshops.
Riga Opera Festival features the best in international and Latvian opera.
Ethnic Arts and Crafts Fair at the Open-Air Ethnography Museum on the first weekend in June.

Early Music Festival celebrates traditional and folk music.

Riga City Festival has music, dancing and other cultural events throughout the city
International Sacred Music Festival with an emphasis on large-scale vocal and instrumental pieces.

Riga Salsa Festival with performances by experts from around the world.
Autumn Chamber Music Days features a month of chamber music.
International Film Festival is the largest film festival in Riga.

Arena Music Festival has music in the first two weeks of October.

World Music Festival celebrates music from around the world with a month of special performances.

Winterfest has chamber music from some of the world's most renowned composers and performers.

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